Tims 14.8
This bone weighed in at 14.8 lbs, the largest I have ever caught. These are the type of fish we pursue in “Downtown Islamorada”. If you would like to pursure these fish and really learn how to catch them, let me know. It is not easy and takes very specialized techniques. I’ve been fishing for these trophies for years and have caught 3 over 14 lbs and 10 over 13 lbs. I know how to catch these rarities and am willing to share this knowledge.

DSC00909Here is a monster that bottomed out a 30 lb Boga Grip. The permit fishing in and around Islamorada is underrated, particularly in the summer. We expect to at least hook a fish a day on fly and sometimes more. If you want to throw crabs the catching can be world class. From Biscayne Bay to Islamorada we have plenty of permit to target on a regular basis.